uPeek Mobile Streaming

Mediadatanetwork.com (portal www.uPeek.tv) has created an online community focused on serving and supporting the well-established, easily identifiable market of the Veteran and their family. The UPeek.tv web portal serves the highly brand conscious and affiliation of loyal individuals and organizations whose members live the American Veterans lifestyle by providing a comprehensive clearinghouse of value-added, special interest content, valuable information resources, e-commerce capabilities, and user information sharing opportunities using advanced technologies. This is inclusive of A, geo locating, attitude identification and others.

Media Data Network’s Proprietary Charity solution is a Private cloud based video messaging, email distribution, media management, telemedicine, and educational platform(s) that is easy to use and works effortlessly across all web, e-mail, social media and mobile environments. This solution provides a new way for Sales & Marketing Teams (in Entertainment Media, Small Business, Education, Health Care and Fundraising for Nonprofits) to interact with their entire community privately and with AI / Deep Learning data supported direction and/or “Calls to Action.”

—About uPeek—

More than a year ago, a team of individuals passionate about video got together to develop something bigger than ever imagined, a connected live video streaming solution that puts mobile users in control of their own live video broadcasts.  Not recorded last week and uploaded yesterday video, but a LIVE Video sharing experience delivered on Mobile, and viewable anywhere.

With this vision in mind, we are proud to announce the first step on this journey… uPeek for Android.

Finally, Android users can stream LIVE Video to their followers, friends, and fans with a touch of the finger.  Login with social to post your LIVE view on Facebook, Twitter, to your Contacts, and more.  Even create a recurring broadcast to interact with your followers on a schedule.

When you’re not sharing LIVE Video with your followers, search for and discover streams interesting to you.  Location based and categorized content at the tap of a finger.  It’s never been easier to put yourself right in the moment.

We’re excited to see what you create, when you share YOUR view with the world!

Welcome to the world of uPeek.